Recharge x brandempwr
Recharge x brandempwr

The subscription model is a great way to take advantage of the existing customer base that you already have and attract new people to your store. As eCommerce evolves rapidly, subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular. The use of subscription services has increased among customers across a wide spectrum of industries, from entertainment to health and beauty care for its convenience and flexibility for the customer. As a result, inventory, shipping, and cash flow can be planned more easily, and more accurate forecasts of supply and demand can be made, allowing for better financial planning. 

Recharge subscription management is an app that integrates seamlessly with Shopify as well as Shopify Plus. As a result, you will be able to build loyalty among your customers and increase revenue by managing all of your subscriptions and recurring charges in one place.

As the leading subscription management platform, Recharge manages subscriptions for more than 50 million customers globally. Featuring a fully customizable and scalable tool set and maximising the value of customer convenience, through this app, existing technologies will be connected to Shopify's most widely used payment gateways allowing powerful integrations. It is compatible with Shopify's ecosystem, allowing other partners like Gorgias to integrate their technology.

Hassle-free payments 

It's no longer necessary for your customers to go through different checkout processes depending on what's in their cart to complete a purchase with Shopify checkout integration.

Streamlined checkout process  

Subscription management and customer management are handled by Recharge, while order processing is handled by Shopify—whether for subscriptions, one-time purchases, or mixed carts.

Customised bundles

The customer has the option to combine multiple products into one box or create their own bundles based on the products they choose. It is expected that this will result in higher customer satisfaction levels for both one-time and subscription customers 


You are not only benefiting from the service, but your customers are as well. Regardless of whether your customers are at home or on the move, they can have access to their orders and manage them seamlessly through the customer portal and the Recharge SMS, increasing your store's efficiency. 

We’re working with Food4Thoughts, a nutri-coach subscription service, who were looking for a full-service solution that needed a custom subscription solution that was not just an out-of-the-box widget integration. Our team at brandempwr provided a price matrix for the homepage that integrated with Recharge and took customers straight to checkout for the plan they chose. This simplified and sped up the buying process for the customer in turn making it easier to choose a plan and purchase, overall obtaining a 31% returning customer rate.