F4T isn’t another diet trend. Its science, it works and their world class coaching experience ensures that it’s life changing. They provide bespoke meal plans combined with world-class support, accountability and community.


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App integration




Client success


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Average Order Value increase

What the client came  to us with

Food4Thoughts are a fast growing, future global brand. They came to us with a desire to bring professional, community centric and relatable feel to their online store. Their old site was outdated and thrown together, what we wanted to do was take their design and vision and bring it together to create the complete package. The branding and design was a driving force in the development for F4T, they wanted to push their voice and meaning across with the way everything came together on the page. Optimising the customer journey to give the best experience for each user coming to the site.

The plan

We worked with the F4T team to gather information and requirements for the new site but also understand the issues they were facing with the old site.

The solution

We could then look at the new design that they provided and make a plan of how to develop the site in the look and feel they wanted to create. F4T also trusted our professional expertise whenever we gave our suggestions and opinions they listened and took that on board to combine ideas.

The outcome

Overall we feel the new look and feel gives a professional, community centric vibe and is relatable to the brand. We continue working with F4T on our client success retainer and keep working together to bring their ideas to life.

Client testimonial

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with brandempwr. They are super reactive and always on hand to help with any requirements that we have as a start up business, we need support that is agile, creative and these guys offer a full rounded service. Not only do they support us on the backend, but they also support us on the creative side of things as and when we need it. I can’t recommend them enough and I’m looking forward to what the next year and the future holds.

Scott Thomas
Founder at Food4Thoughts

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