F4T isn’t another diet trend. Its science, it works and their world class coaching experience ensures that it’s life changing. They provide bespoke meal plans combined with world-class support, accountability and community.


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What the client came  to us with

With a change of structure and going in a new direction Food4Thoughts has embraced a transformative approach, launching a "New Era" for their brand. This fresh direction is anchored on four fundamental pillars of health: Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, and Connection. To symbolise this evolution, the brand has introduced four complementary colours, each representing one of these pillars, seamlessly integrating with their updated branding palette.

The challenge

Refreshing Food4Thoughts Online Identity: We recently took on an exciting project with Food4Thoughts. The task at hand came straight from Scott Thomas, the founder, who was keen on steering the brand in a new direction. He envisioned a fresh look complete with a new logo, updated branding, and a lively colour palette. 

The solution

Our role? To weave these elements into the existing website, creating a design that not only showcases the new colours but also shines a light on the brand's four main pillars. The goal was simple yet impactful: to blend these changes into a coherent and engaging online experience, making the site more intuitive for users. Through this redesign, we aimed to make Food4Thoughts story clear and accessible, presenting a brand that's as friendly and community-focused as it is professional.

The outcome

I think we successfully embraced their vision of a 'New Era'. This transformation, rooted in the core health pillars of Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, and Connection, was vividly brought to life with a distinctive colour palette symbolising each pillar. We seamlessly integrated these elements into the website, creating an intuitive and engaging online experience. The result was a triumph - a vibrant, user-friendly site that not only encapsulated the brand's renewed ethos but also received resounding approval from the client. The successful launch of this refreshed online identity has further cemented Food4Thoughts position as a forward-thinking, community-oriented brand.

Client testimonial

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with brandempwr. They are super reactive and always on hand to help with any requirements that we have as a start up business, we need support that is agile, creative and these guys offer a full rounded service. Not only do they support us on the backend, but they also support us on the creative side of things as and when we need it. I can’t recommend them enough and I’m looking forward to what the next year and the future holds.

Scott Thomas
Founder at Food4Thoughts

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